I’m Kimberly and I love living in Austin.  At any given time you might find me:

  • learning about native plants at The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center
  • laughing uncontrollably at any of Austin’s gazillion improv shows like Girls, Girls, Girls
  • practicing my downward facing dog at YogaYoga
  • eating a green chili pork taco at Torchy’s
  • taking a swing dance class from Four On The Floor
  • sharing the Wine’s BFF cheese plate at The Grove with *my* BFF
  • listening to sweet jazz tunes at The Elephant Room
  • walking the hike & bike trail around Ladybird Lake (Town Lake to some of us!)

I also love surprising folks with homemade baked goods, buying stuff on Craigslist, loving on my three gray kitties, putzing around my garden, and singing loudly in my car.

And of course, helping awesome people buy and sell homes.

If any of those things sound fun to you too, consider this an invitation to hang around my blog.  Hang around long enough and you just might find yourself on my cupcake delivery route!

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