Register Your Pet’s Microchip When Moving

Register Pet Microchip

She’s cute, sure, but terrible at packing!

Moving involves a gazillion peripheral tasks.  Change of address forms, updating records with every financial institution on the planet, etc.  Working through the list, it’s easy to forget about some of the seemingly less urgent matters.  When we moved last month, we didn’t even think about updating our pet records until we’d already been in the new house for eight weeks.  I can’t imagine how worried I’d have been if one of our sweet gray kitties had escaped during that time.  (When I say sweet, I obviously mean crazy insane.  And yes, I adore them and would be heartbroken if they were lost!)

Whether you’ve recently moved like us, or have changed your phone number, it’s important to remember your furry family members.  Having an up-to-date ID tag could make the difference in keeping them safe and getting them home.  And don’t forget about microchips!  If your pet’s microchip isn’t registered with current contact information, it’s useless.  Take a few minutes to register or update your pet’s microchip information via your veterinarian or one of the online registries.  We use the FoundAnimals free microchip registry.  All you need is your pet’s microchip number and brand to get started.  If you don’t know the brand, you can look it up here, and if you don’t know the number you can ask your Vet to scan it for you.

The first few weeks in a new place can be unsettling for our furry friends.  On moving day, doors are left open as furniture and boxes are moved in, increasing the chances of your pet accidentally getting out.  In the weeks that follow, they are experiencing lots of new sights, sounds, and smells — some of which might scare them into running off.  Take a few minutes to protect your pets by updating ID tags and registering their microchips.

Need a recommendation for a great veterinarian or mobile groomer?  Kitty condos or doggy daycare?  I’ve got ya covered – just ask!


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